Healthy Meal Plans Now Available

Something Else are now offering healthy meal plans from just £10 per day - available for collection or delivery

 Some of our meal plan samples, ready for delivery! 🍴🚴📦

Some of our meal plan samples, ready for delivery! 🍴🚴📦

Following our recent refurbishment, we are now focused on offering good, clean, healthy meals to our lovely customers.

It is so important to have a healthy, balanced diet to stay fit & healthy. Good, clean nutrition should be part of everyone's day-to-day eating, but we realise that this can be quite demanding in terms of the time involved in meal prep, learning what you should and shouldn't be eating, buying fresh ingredients and all the rest of it. Obviously, its much more convenient to just grab a burger on-the-go, or order a Chinese after a hard day at work, when you just haven't got the energy to start cooking something healthier.


We're making healthy eating more convenient for you.


All of our meals are prepared fresh each day and include good, wholesome, fresh produce. Even if you order for delivery, your food will be freshly made that morning if you opt for early delivery, or that afternoon if you go for the later delivery slot. We're taking away all the time and effort involved in meal prep, but still offering you good quality, freshly made dishes.

We want to provide a much healthier solution that is just as convenient as that takeaway you were thinking of ordering. You can relax knowing you have a delicious, nutritious meal waiting for you when you get home. How nice is that?!

If you're nearby, it may even be easier for you to come and pick up your meals from our health food cafe on Woolton Rd in Childwall while you're out and about. Our Chefs can ensure that your meals are ready and waiting to be picked up at your convenience.

You can find us here


We're making it more affordable too!


So, we've got the quality and convenience of our meals sorted. Now let's talk about prices. We know some of these healthy meal plans out there charge an arm-and-a-leg and that's just not good for the old bank balance if you want to keep it up for a week, a month or even a year. We're aiming to deliver healthy meal plans across Liverpool that are affordable, too. 

Our prices start from just £10 per day, which gives you 2 freshly made, nutritious meals per day. From our weekly menu, you can choose from either a breakfast dish & a lunch/dinner, or alternatively, you could opt for your lunch & dinner from our mains dishes. At the other end of the spectrum, we have an £18 per day plan, which offers you 3 meals per day, as well as a healthy treat and a nutritious juice/smoothie. Take a look at our price list below:


We don't have a minimum term for our meal plans, you can go day-by-day or arrange your own plan say, for example, 3 days or 5 days. Its entirely up to you, our Chefs are also on hand to give you some advice with this.


Interested in trying out our healthy meal plans?